Larsson's Camp References
These are general comments made by our guests about our camp.  Please visit our fishing, bear hunt, deer hunt, and wolf hunt pages for references specific to those activities.

"Service, food, and lodging very good. Will recommend to friends. Hope to be back next year!" MARTIN AND MELANIE

"Thanks again for making us feel a part of the family!"   AL AND FORREST.

"Thank you for a great vacation!  The propane grills are a fantastic addition to the cabins!  Also, the new stove in cabin 12.  You are doing a really great job, keep it up!  You sure can count on us being back and referring our friends to you!  Thanks again."   LEROY, SHIRLEY, AND JEFF.

"Thanks for welcoming me to your lodge.  Just passing through on business, but will definitely consider coming here for a vacation."   GILLES DUMAIS

"You are my favourite resort I've been to.  The cabins are big and clean.  The staff is GREAT!  Thank you!"   SAMANTHA METTLING.

"We had a great time and will be back again.  We also enjoyed your company and look forward to seeing you again next year!"  THE BELCHER FAMILY

"Thank you again for once more enjoying the beauty and peacefulness of Caliper Lake (Larsson's).  It is such a special place and time for our family.  You have a fine, well kept camp - please continue so we can come back again.  God's blessings on your children and you.  Family is truly a blessing!  Thank you!!  Take good care of Hooch!"   CAROLINE AND SUE.

"Thanks for everything.  The guys had a great time and there was good weather.  Your family made us feel welcome.  See ya next year."   STEVE LASWELL

"I just wanted to send you a note to extend another thank you for always treating us so good, as you would treat family.  I am sure that you treat all of your guests that nice but I don't know if all people appreciate it as much as I do.  My family can't wait until next year and we may even come up for longer if it works out.  Again I must say that after the amount of travelling I did in the last few months to Las Vegas, Chicago, Memphis, New Orleans, Branson, and St. Louis, Missouri, I feel that you are among the most friendly people that I have ever spent time with.  Thanks again."   MIKE BRUNNER AND FAMILY

"Dear David, Darryl, Christine, and Brenda
Thank you for everything!  We had a great holiday!  Your generosity and hospitality are unequalled - and we certainly appreciate it.  Once again thanks to the girls for taking such good care of us - I always gain weight at Larsson's 'fitness' Camp (must be muscle mass)!  We look forward to seeing you again, hopefully sooner than later.  Thanks again, you guys are the greatest!"  AL, JENNY, and LUCY.